The Bridal Suite at Sarah Delaine Brides is a meticulously designed and fully equipped space specifically created to cater to the needs of brides and professional artists on the morning of their wedding day. It offers not only a stunning backdrop for capturing memorable photographs but also provides all the essential amenities to ensure a seamless and comfortable experience. 

Step into this exquisite studio space and be greeted by its charming ambiance. The Bridal Suite boasts four thoughtfully arranged chairs, with two dedicated to hair styling and two for makeup application. Our goal is to ensure that you and your bridal party are pampered and attended to in the most comfortable and accommodating manner possible. In addition to the dedicated styling chairs, the Bridal Suite features a convenient kitchenette area, allowing you and your party to refresh and indulge in light snacks and beverages throughout the morning. We understand the importance of nourishing yourself and staying energized during this exciting time. Space is another key consideration in the Bridal Suite. We have intentionally designed the suite to provide room for you and your loved ones to relax and unwind. It offers a spacious and comfortable lounge area where you can gather, chat and create cherished memories before the festivities begin. Whether it’s capturing candid moments with your bridesmaids or enjoying a heartfelt conversation with your loved ones, the Bridal Suite offers the ideal setting for these special interactions. The space is filled with natural light, ensuring a bright and uplifting atmosphere that will enhance your overall experience. 

Renting the Bridal Suite at Sarah Delaine Brides not only provides you with a visually stunning environment but also grants you access to all the amenities you might need for a relaxed and enjoyable pre-wedding experience. Book the Bridal Suite for your special day now!